Friday Night Routines

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Now, back to your regularly scheduled content…

We’ve found a little Friday night routine that we’re enjoying. We’re still keeping up the movie night tradition, but we’ve added on another special part, homemade pizza.

I’ve made homemade pizza many times over the years, but it’s never been a hit. However, this summer, my sister made it regularly and that encouraged me to give it another try. And, I’m so glad I did.

The hard part about homemade pizza is nailing the crust. I found this recipe for homemade thin crust and it’s really delicious. The ingredients are simple enough to keep on hand at all times, too.2014-10-26_0041

The other part of this activity is that Reed and Lena help me. They find rolling out the crust to still be a bit too hard. But, Lena spreads the sauce. Reed puts on some pepperoni. And they share the final touch of cheese.


Once the pizza is in the oven, we unload the dishwasher, they make a salad and I get to work on the dishes.

Oh, and they sit and watch the pizza bake.



This has become a favorite part of our week. After a week of work and school, it gives us time to hang out and chat while we cook together. And, you know, pizza.

Movie night is still a favorite, too. Did I share that we got an air popper several months ago? Not only does this make popcorn really cheap, but it also provides endless entertainment.


Gus joins us for movie night just for the popcorn.

“Mama, you?” Just kidding.

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