A Very Merry Unbirthday!

One of the fun hosting ideas is to celebrate your host child’s birthday. Big L’s birthday falls between the two hosting programs, so we wanted to celebrate it while we could.

She woke up to find a banner saying “Happy Birthday, Big L!” in her first language, a foam tiara and a pack of birthday cake M&Ms. And a note explaining why we were celebrating her birthday today.

Her response was “when did you do this?!? Morning?!”

I told her know I stayed up after she went to bed and made it. “WOW. THANK YOU!!”

I didn’t really have anything special planned beyond cake and a few presents, but my friend Danae told me awhile ago that she wanted to take me, Lena and Big L out for manicures. The best day happened to be Big L’s unbirthday, so it was perfect.

We had a dinner that I thought she’d like: cheesesteaks with mushrooms(which she loves), potatoes, corn and salad. Yum.

And then this happened…
[look, it’s that elusive guy!]

Somewhere between pre-teen embarrassment and being mesmerized. 2014-08-21_0007

And lastly, she opened up her presents. They were few– a shirt, a pack of Skipbo cards and the scrapbook.

The cover is a map of America and she’s pointing out our state.


I think she really enjoyed her birthday. It was simple, but the goal wasn’t to make it a big deal. It was to remind her that she’s loved and celebrated, just for being.

4 thoughts on “A Very Merry Unbirthday!”

  1. Oh! That is what we always do too. It is fun and a good occasion to give a gift that might be a little “too much” to give for no reason 🙂 I recognize that look of both embarassment and joy :-)! Please tell what she thought about the sceapbook!

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