Bathtub Paint

I’m interrupting my regular blogging about hosting and/or photography to share about something random: bathtub paint.

Gus hates taking baths, but loves to paint. Put the two together and you have a winning combination. Bribe bath time with painting time.

This particular concoction is liquid soap of your choice + cornstarch + food coloring. [My mom just sent me this great video on making your own natural food coloring.]

It was a HUGE hit. He kept telling me that the picture he was painting was a slide.

Ah, I do see a slide in the middle of those squiggly lines.

A couple of days after we first did bathtub paint, I let Lena and Gus take a bath together. Well, actually, I started off with just Lena taking a bath, but Gus pretty much demanded to join her since it meant painting. They played nicely(and quietly!!!) together for about an hour, covering the bathtub walls in this soapy “paint”. 2014-08-09_0001

Super easy. Super fun.

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