June’s Photography


June was a very full month. Here was my Must Capture list:

  • Family reunion #1
  • Preparations for L’s arrival
  • L’s arrival!!!
  • Time with cousins

Family Reunion #1

This was a lot of fun and I think I did a fair job documenting it.

Lots of memories made there.

Preparations for L’s Arrival

Yes, I did a lot of this, and I think I did a fair job documenting it. Sharing about her room and the 67 things I want her to know.

L’s arrival!!!

I wish I had a few more pictures of this, but in the awkwardness of a first meeting, it’s really hard to document it well. My mom took this one with her phone, and it’s one of my favorites.

Time with cousins

This has been pretty well documented, I think. They’re having a blast together!


Another month crossed off of my list for the 365. Here’s what I’m hoping to capture in July.

July’s Must Capture List

  • 4th of July fun
  • More Summer Fun
  • Family Reunion #2/Family Traditions
  • Traveling Back Home

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