Her First Fourth of July

We had so much fun today that I’m going to have to break it up into two blog posts! But, I’ll start with the more festive part… fireworks!

Okay, this has little to do with fireworks. I just spotted it while we were walking over to the fireworks and really liked it.

We got there a bit early, with some glowsticks and a deck of Uno cards.

Then, the fireworks started.

When the fireworks started, Gus started freaking out. My mom had brought some heavy-duty ear protection, but even that did not get him to calm down. He just kept yelling “I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!” Screaming and screaming and clutching me like his life was surely in danger. Last year, he enjoyed the fireworks, so this was surprise.

So, home we went. Just me and him. I hadn’t intended to carry him, as my sister had brought her stroller. But, I carried the 30+lbs of toddler and camera gear the 3/4 mile back, while he screamed and I sang a song about the moon, trying to calm him. Occasionally, he’d catch a glimpse of the fireworks and I’d ask him if he’d like to stop and watch them. “NO, I WANT TO GO HOME!” Poor kid was terrified. We made it. He calmed down. Still wasn’t quite sure that everyone else would survive, as he asked my nephew “Are you okay?” the second he walked in the door.

Then, it was time for sparklers and other little firework things.

And, my favorite picture. This was not planned, but it sums up her first fourth of July experience. Sparkler in hand and flag in the background.


Happy birthday, America.

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