Super Loved

I was feeling a bit tired and whiny when I wrote yesterday’s post. Today was a lot better day and yesterday didn’t seem quite so bad after some rest. 🙂

My mom taught Big L how to play Solitaire with real cards and it was a hit. She is figuring it out.

My mom took Reed and the Ls swimming this afternoon while I worked. Also a hit.

At dinner time, Big L started grabbing knives and pushing us out of the way to help with dinner. Peeling and smashing garlic, sauteing onions, and any other task she could help with. Without being asked and she did a very good job. I watched her carefully pour rice from one bowl to another, spilling less than I would have. She is a natural in the kitchen.

Today was my niece’s birthday, so we went over to my sister’s house after dinner for a tea party.

My ladies.
Yes, Lena is really drinking tea. Out of a real tea cup. It was a classy party.

So, the super loved shirt. I had to make a bunch of returns to Old Navy yesterday. I brought Big L in, to get her a pair of flip flops. I was a bit nervous about taking a preteen into a clothing store. But, I told her if she saw something she liked to tell me. No, she shook her head. I held a cute shirt up to her, she shook her head and pointed to the price tag. I pointed to the sale price and she shook her head more adamantly. So I said, “if you don’t pick something, I will!” I found the largest, camouflage coat and held it up to her. We both laughed hysterically. And, then we walked through the store, “picking out” different, ridiculous clothes for each other. It was so fun, the kind of thing you’d do with a good friend. I snuck that shirt under my arm when she wasn’t looking. “Super Loved”. Definitely one of the things I want her to know.

She and my nephew, who is her age, are really silly together. Neither one of them wants their picture taken, so they try to take each others’ pictures.

Ninja firefighters. You should recognize the one on the left. And a sneaky shot I took of my nephew.

Tonight’s chain link she opened was “L is supported by people who love her.” This one really struck a cord with her and I saw her face change as she read it. Instead of her usual silly demeanor, she looked at me with that emotional sort of smile, just a few degrees away from happy tears, and I just nodded before she wrapped her arms around me. She proudly showed my mom and my mom repeated it back to her, too.

This girl really gives life her all. She has the bravery to cross the ocean. She has the sass and spunk to be silly in a house of people she has known for less than a week. And she loves everyone around her so recklessly. Each of my children already adore her and she has found ways to connect with all of them. She cuddles with Lena and does her hair. She chases and wrestles with Reed. And she picks Gus up and tickles him. I think she’s pretty incredible.

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