At Six Years Old

My dear Lena,

I look at these photos, and they seem to be the very essence of you, at six years old.

Happiness and wonder.
Sensitivity and gentleness. 2014-04-09_0008
Joy and excitement.
Enthusiasm and beauty.2014-04-09_0004
Peace and big dreams.

Kids always seem to be in a rush to grow up. I remember being a kid and thinking that there was some great secret only adults knew.

Truth: there’s no grown-up secret. We definitely don’t have it all figured out.

But, girl, I think that maybe you do.

4 thoughts on “At Six Years Old”

  1. So precious! There really is something to that “faith like a child”… and wonder too 🙂 What a treasure your children are! Many blessings & great grace to you all.

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