Princess Picnic

Lena has a new friend. Brenya is a couple of years younger than Lena, which is perfect. Lena is glad for the chance to be a helper and is also glowing, having a younger friend look up to her. Plus, this two just play very well together.

Anyways, Lena has been wanting to have a picnic. She’s decided it’s perfect weather for it, and she’s right. She had one with her babysitter the other day, but I forgot to give them a picnic basket, so it was not exactly the vision in her head. That same day, we got together with her new friend and they decided that they wanted to be princesses together. Then, I found the beautiful light and open field where I took the photos of Lena from yesterday’s post. And, everything came together.

The picnic was really her idea, and I tried to give her as much control over the execution as possible, helping me with the choices for food and making sure we brought all the picnic necessities– a blanket, napkins, PB&J sandwiches, potato chips and carrots. She helped me pick out the dress, and I did her hair. She was so excited.

Meet her friend Brenya.

Can you tell that these two just adore each other? Late in the evening, I heard Brenya say, “I love you.” And Lena immediately replied, “I love you, too!”
It was perfect. On our walk home, Lena raved about what a wonderful time she’d had. I loved that. Not sadness that it was over, but joy that her night went just as she wanted.

3 thoughts on “Princess Picnic”

  1. Oh yay! They’re so beautiful & precious 🙂 Good job to you ‘Mama’, what great memories they’ll treasure

  2. Oh, how they look at each other! So very sweet and honest and true – one of those lessons I keep trying to learn from my own – to be in the moment and savor the connection of a loved one

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