Search Engine Terms: Boy on a Rock, a Moose’s Birthday and Tomato Jokes

I look at my Site Stats from time to time and last week, I took a couple of minutes to look through the search engine terms that bring people to my blog. Oh my goodness. There are some really awesome ones. We hate to disappoint, so we figured that maybe we should start creating our blog content based off of these terms.

“Little Boy Sitting on Rock”

Take your pick. Please.


“What does a moose like for his birthday?”



What a great question! I’ve never been quite sure what to get my moose, so I asked my kids for advice.

Reed: A carrot.

Lena: Cake

Gus: Yogurt.

…additionally, there are 2 things to be noticed from this picture:

  1. Never trust a moose’s font choices.
  2. The only reason why this isn’t the Crappy Pictures Blog is because that was already taken.


“Faucet Tomato Joke” (or any variation)

Well, okay, I ACTUALLY blogged about this a couple of years ago, but I still thought it would be worth asking my kids for their best Faucet Tomato Joke.

Reed: What did the faucet do to the tomato? Answer: The faucet washes the tomato so that you can eat it.

Lena: What did the faucet do to the tomato? Answer: The tomato go inside and wash he’s hair.

Gus: Nos [the plural of no].

The real joke is: “What happened between in the race between the tomato, the faucet and lettuce?”
Answer: “The lettuce was ahead, the faucet was running, the tomato couldn’t ketchup.”


Feeling enlightened? Still wondering where the answer to your question is? Tune in next week as we address issues such as “lost tooth on toilet” and “wht do you like your favorite toy”.

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