Lettuce, a Faucet and Tomato

Aaron is known for his ridiculous jokes. Here’s one he told me yesterday…

“What happened between in the race between the tomato, the faucet and lettuce?”

“The lettuce was ahead, the faucet was running, the tomato couldn’t ketchup.”

Anyways, this blog post is me trying to “ketchup” on Project 365.

Oh, here’s a Reed joke for you.

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

“To get to the other road.”
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1. Lasagna Soup (2/21) 2. Reed’s Robot Drawings 3. What we thought was our final trip to Topeka for Apostilles (2/22) 4. Reed’s drawing of taking our dog Nina to the vet for a shot 5. Reed drinking all of his water before dinner (2/24) 6. Lena throwing herself on the floor (basically how I was feeling at that moment) (2/27) 7. Reed asking me to read him all of those books (2/28) 8. My apology to Aaron, in his lunchbox (3/1) 9. Lena’s ridiculous outfit, dress over skirt, athletic socks with dress shoes topped off with a bandaid… on her shoes (3/2) 9. Our cool book find (3/2) 10. …Used for $3.50! (3/2) 10. Reed and I accidently wore the same shirts (3/3) 11. Some napkins I was working on (3/4) 11. Our outing on a beautiful sunny day (3/5) when before two of our dogs got lost 12. Lena playing outside after a nap (3/6) 13. Same as #12

So, not a photo every day, but there should be enough photos to catch me up!

And, here’s a video. Lena singing along to a song that she’s probably never heard before…

And, here’s a short video of the Lena show, performed by Reed, a few days ago…

4 thoughts on “Lettuce, a Faucet and Tomato”

  1. I loved Aaron’s joke 🙂 That’s my kind of humour! I will however not tell you my favourite joke, although I do tell it to my children occasionally, since it’s not as nice as Aaron’s 🙂

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