Sweet Boy

I miss him. In many ways, those 5000 miles and all of those legal matters are everything, and in reality, they are nothing. My heart knows he’s ours.


To explain the situation fully, there is a moratorium on adoptions in his region of his country. His country has a national government, which makes recommendations on adoption matters, but each region is left to decide individually what they will do. His region is one of 3 which is currently closed.

So, we wait. We do not know when it will re-open. Our court dossier is sitting in his city, waiting to be filed. We are waiting for the judges to begin hearing U.S. adoption court cases again. When they do, we will receive a court date, travel for his court, and assuming we pass court, return a month later to bring him home.

Please pray that the judges begin to hear court cases like ours again soon, our dossier is submitted and we receive a court date. 

I have been sharing some of the soundtrack of my life lately, so I’ll share this song with you too.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Boy”

  1. Oh, my sweet friend…how I wish I could make those courts reopen for you! This little guy has one amazing momma. My heart also knows he belongs in your sweet family…so I am praying hard for him to come home soon.

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