Ever see a face and feel like you should share it? I see lots of photos kids on different advocacy sites that I look at, but this face jumped out at me.   

Her story is sad: Audrey was born in August 2009. She is HIV+. She is shy with new people. She doesn’t like to go to sleep at night. She was taken into a foster-family for 3 or 4 months, but the husband was living in constant fear that the older biological boy would become infected and he would not even let her drink out of the same glass. Needless to say, that did not work out so now she is in need of a permanent adoptive family. She is from a decent baby house. She is serious and active. She likes to play pretend and put stuffed animals to bed (although she threatens them if they don’t go right to sleep!) She talks in 2 and 3 word phrases. When she was 1.6 years, her speech was evaluated at 1.3, so she is not far behind. Other areas of development are good. She has a strong character. She is a chubby girl with brown wavy hair and dark eyes – thought to be half Buryat. She likes playing in the bathtub. She is a mischievous girl. She had some tantrums while adjusting to her foster-family. Although that is common, the foster-family believed it was due to Audrey’s first year which was mostly spent in the hospital most-likely in a separate ward for HIV, so she might only been attended to for procedures. Audrey receives ARV treatment twice daily. She also takes daily medication for epilepsy and both conditions seem to be well controlled.

See more photos here and contact Bethany for more information.

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