Life in the summer always feels so… full. Anyone else know what I mean? Sure, it’s only March, still technically winter, but between Daylight Savings Time and the 83 degree day we had today, it feels like summer.

On Monday, we didn’t have a car. Aaron’s truck wouldn’t start, so Maurice the Movie Van drove him to work. It totally threw off my plans for the day. But it was a beautiful day, and I realized that I had everything for sidewalk chalk paint. Equal parts water and cornstarch, plus a lot of food coloring.


I didn’t have any paintbrushes, so they used old toothbrushes and sponges.

Can you guess what I did?

The kids also wanted to get out their trikes and had little races in our driveway.


I can almost hear her. “‘Es okay, Baby A. I gonna help you.” Don’t worry, we can buy a seatbelt for this trike.

They also decided to wash their bikes for awhile…

There’s a better video, but I’m too lazy to go upload it.

While the kids were busy doing that, I decided that I wanted to paint. They hadn’t painted in awhile. Of course, the second I sat down to paint, they wanted me to paint things for them. I had to demand some space to paint “I love Reed and Lena.” Then they each wanted me to paint them a heart, among other things.



In case you’re wondering, the dogs were out enjoying it too.

Eventually, Aaron got home from work. His truck wasn’t going to be ready that day, so I asked him to fix the stroller so that we could walk over to Lena’s speech therapy the next day. R&L were totally fascinated by this, but I love this photo of them in particular.


A few minutes later, I went in to figure out what dinner was going to be. And nearly right away, I heard screaming. Someone was running in the driveway and fell. Ouch.

We cuddled up for awhile and both fell asleep while the boys took the dogs out for a walk.


3 thoughts on “Full”

  1. You are SO good at blogging! Would love to talk to you about speech therapy and Lena’s development. Every now and then I look at Zen and she reminds me of Lena 🙂 She is starting early intervention, OT & ST soon.

    I’ve been meaning to tell you for ages that we LOVE those Tumbler cups you recommended. That’s pretty much all we use now.

  2. Looks like a perfect summer day to me! We’ve been having awesome weather too. I’ve been walking to pick Tug up from school every day and it feels great!

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