This post is going to be a bit unbalanced. Which kind of suits my day.

First, I have two prayer requests for you:

  • A friend’s 9 year old daughter was just diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a kiwi. She will have surgery to have it removed next week.
  • My uncle, still very ill.

Both of these things are so heavy and sometimes I find it hard to be a parent AND process the hard things. I might feel sad, but as a mother of young children, sometimes I feel like there is no room for that. Someone always needs me. Life is always so busy.


We also got to spend some time with a friend tonight. You might remember him– he came home from Ethiopia shortly before Gus came home.

These two don’t see each other often, but they pick up right where the left off.

The way he is reaching up to hold Lena’s hand… so sweet.

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