Reed got some delayed birthday excitement today.

My dad likes to tease and prank us. He’s also a bit of a health nut and always trying new foods and asking everyone around him if they’d like to try it. When we were there over the summer, Reed tried coconut manna and instantly gagged into the trash can. So, for Reed’s birthday, my dad took an empty coconut manna jar and stuffed it full of Clif Bars, something that Reed actually likes.

In true cousin sweetness, my niece insisted that Lena would really like this Strawberry Shortcake DVD that she found at a thrift store and made my mom buy it and send it to her.

And his other delayed birthday excitement, our babysitter sent him a birthday card with an Amazon gift card inside. He was so excited to pick something out. And it arrived today!

And, the littlest man. He got a postcard from my mom with a doggie on it, but was really just happy to eat a Clif Bar and get back to sitting in the toy shopping cart.


I have decided to start calling him Gusto, because that’s how he approaches life.

And lastly, a video of Gusto. Just try not to smile when you watch it.

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