Birthday Eve

Today was the day before Reed’s birthday. I have to admit, I will be relieved when this birthday season is over. We try to keep it simple– a few small gifts, a fun activity, a dinner and cake of their choice, treats for their class and a birthday shirt. It suppose I like to think it’s simple, because we’ve avoided big parties so far, but it’s really not so simple.

I spent my entire day on birthday prep! Running around, baking, then making his birthday shirt.

The baking– one cake and 24 cupcakes is done. Not the most beautiful, but hopefully it will be acceptable by 7 year old’s standards.

The birthday shirt. Why I started this, I don’t know. I was hoping Reed would tell me he was too old for it, but no, he wanted one. They all love their shirts and wear them all year, so I must do it.

But, I’m in a transition with my screenprinting equipment, so I had nothing quick and ready to go to make him a shirt. The other option was to dig out my sewing machine, but all of the work of finding the materials would have taken me awhile.

So, I went with the tracing and painting method.

I feared that this might look amateur. It does. The ink is on too thick and many of the lines are shaky and smudged.

But, I think he’ll like it.

Still left to do: Wrap Presents and Make Birthday dinner

Reed: “Tomorrow is my birthday?”
Me: “Yes, that is correct.”
Lena: “Oh, yeah. Reed’s birthday IS tomorrow. Hmm… I still haven’t decided what I’m going to get him…”

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