2013: Month by Month


I wanted to take a post to reflect on 2013. It’s been an interesting year. 2012 was truly a roller coaster– the highest highs, and some pretty low lows. 2013 has been like it’s lamer roller coaster neighbor. The one with all the hype, but really kind of a let down. Not to say that we had an awful year, but we certainly had a transitional year. There was much that we hoped would happen that did not happen yet. I will be relieved to move on to a new year and I have much hope for 2014!  [I apologize for the vagueness there. It does NOT relate to adding to our family.]

Some highlights of 2013 include:

  • Celebrating Gus’s first birthday home!
  • Our short trip to Pennsylvania in March
  • Celebrating Aaron’s sister’s new marriage and Reed and Lena being a part of the ceremony
  • My new job
  • Spending 6 weeks with my family in Pennsylvania over the summer
  • Lena starting school (and Reed going to 1st grade)
  • Our trip to Colorado

Like last year, I am sharing one picture for each month. 

January: 3 little goofballs. Don’t they look so little here?

February: Gus’s first birthday at home.

March: Visiting cousins in PA. This trip was the first time that all 9 had been together and our first time meeting baby Hugh.

April: Climbing trees. As it gets warmer, they’d always seem to be outside.

May: I just love this one. Do I need to say more?

June: This is a hard one for me to choose, because a lot happened in this month. But, this sums up a good portion of our summer at my parents’ house. I’d finish working and find them outside, having fun (under the supervision of my wonderful mom). I love their bikes thrown down in the alley behind them, because that, too, was a huge part of our summer.

July: Their first trip to our big family reunion.

August: This image is what opened up the door for me to start exploring night photography, and I love it because of that. I also enjoyed this brief camping trip with Aaron, Gus and the dogs.

September: Our Colorado camping trip, I have many fond memories of this trip. Some not so fond, but I’m glad we got this time together!

October: Halloween cuties.

November: Thanksgiving Day, spending time with family. I think this captures a little bit of that.

December: My littlest man in front of the tree.

You can see 2012’s month by month review here. 

Happy New Year, everyone!

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