Dog Shaming

Have you heard of it? Although only effective if your dog follows the website himself, but it is good for a laugh. This is my recent favorite.

Anyways, I have a dog in need of shaming.

We were already having a rough afternoon when we got home from picking Reed and Lena up from school. I  opened up the back door, only to find I couldn’t get it open more than a foot. While we were gone, a certain set of canines jumped on the bench by our backdoor and knocked the whole thing over, wedging it shut.

While I was able to squeeze through the door to pick the bench up, I had to set a shoeless Gus down. And, a certain dog, obviously quite guilty, quickly leapt through the small opening, knocking Gus over.

Gus was fine, although very, very unhappy.

Any guesses on who the dog was?

I just wish I had remembered the sign.


Disclaimer: No dogs were actually punished in the making of these photos. Photographed dog is currently laying next to me begging for a belly rub.

Also, about the second part of my story about Reed and Lena’s adoption, which was scheduled to be published today, it seems to have disappeared. I have NO CLUE where it went. If it can’t be found, I will re-write it this weekend. You will have to remain in suspense until then, sorry.

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