Opposite Sundays and Late Date Night

Do you remember my post about going to the beach last Sunday? Yesterday was like the opposite. I wanted to stay in, curled up in bed all day long.

But, I needed to go the store. The temperature read…

But, I did see more of these guys. This picture reminds me of the picture I took a week earlier, but the setting was rather different. Sitting on a piece of drift wood in the middle of the river, on a 65 degree day. Or sitting in my car in Target’s parking lot on a 23 degree day. Hmm.

Aaron and I decided to go on an improptu date night. Our amazing babysitter was happy to help us out, and we snuck out after the kids went to bed.

And then this happened. Pulled over. Ugh. We had a headlight out. The officer was super nice, and after checking our insurance and Aaron’s drivers license, he let us go with a warning and told us to enjoy the movie.

After the movie, Aaron was insistent that he didn’t want to get pulled over again, so we made a late night Walmart stop and changed the bulb in the parking lot. Wow, what a date night, right?

Since apparently this is a blog about my kids, I’ll share a few photos of them, too.

Just more after school photos.


Girl has mastered the monkey bars officially. Sitting on top now.


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