I love fall!

Today was a beautiful fall day.

We started our day off at the International Forest of Friendship in Atchison, KS. It has trees from all over the world, donated by each American state and many countries.

Everyone hugged a tree. Reed picked his based on color, Lena picked hers because it is the Scarlet Oak. Aaron picked his for his favorite state, Colorado. I picked mine for my home state, Pennsylvania. And we picked Gus’s because it was tiny like him! Because I have space for an extra photo, Lena was really excited that there was a tree from California there– apparently she’s been learning about California at school.

IMG_4393  IMG_4412
IMG_4406  IMG_4402
IMG_4400  IMG_4389

Colorado: Blue Spruce, Pennsylvania: Eastern Hemlock, New York: Sugar Maple? , Washington D.C.: Scarlet Oak, New Mexico: Pinyon, California: Redwood.

As you can see here, some of the trees seem to thrive in Kansas weather. And others… do not. Like my sad Eastern Hemlock and the Redwood.

There were no trees from Ukraine, but there was a tree from Siberia, a Russian territory although not the one Gus is from (obviously). A sad looking Sourwood.

Then, we found one of the most beautiful trees in the park, Rhode Island’s Red Maple. I said, “This tree is practically begging to be laid under.” Covered in beautiful red leaves, with a layer on the ground as well.

And, a leaf fight ensued.

IMG_4448 IMG_4491


Since Atchison is the birthplace of Amelia Earhart…

We also drove by her childhood home.

Then, we left Atchison and headed to Weston Bend State Park, in Missouri.
Lewis and Clark passed through here.

And, we went on a brief, beautiful fall hike.
The earthy smell of leaves, the crunch under our feet, and all the beautiful colors. Perfect.

He is becoming such a big boy. I think he walked the whole time himself.

Gus is practicing his full sentences right now and getting pretty polite with them. “I want …, please”. We all laughed when he announced today “I want to have fun, please!” Okay, buddy, we’re on it.

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