Personal Creations (and KidKraft Train Set)!

A few weeks ago, a representative from Personal Creations emailed me and asked if they could send our family a gift of my choosing. Thank you to the Personal Creations team member who suggested us!

We gladly accepted! I picked the KidKraft Ride Around Town Train Set & Table. I thought it would be a good toy that my kids could share and play with together.

She told me it would take a few weeks for personalization and shipping, but just over two weeks and the mailman carried it into my living room today. Yay! That seems very fast for customization and shipping!

I had a half hour before the kids were home with the babysitter, so I decided to see how quickly I could put it together.

Ambitious! It’s not a hard thing to put together, particularly the actual table. I assembled the table in around an hour and that was with several interruptions. However, the actual train track and other pieces took me a bit longer and I was glad to Aaron’s help figuring it out when he got home.


Then, we called the kids downstairs to take a look. I had kept it a secret until that point.

There was much excitement and everyone dug right in and started playing!
(My much-taller-than-me husband had to help me with that photo.)






They played for over an hour, until it was dinner time. It is like an entire town– a mountain, a hospital, an airport, a lake, a farm, a crane. So much to explore!

And the personalization is fabulous.



Thanks, Personal Creations!

They can’t wait to get up and play with it again tomorrow.

ETA: Because the train table is near selling out, please check out some other great wood toys from Personal Creations.

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