Capturing October: Dressed Up

Happy Halloween!

This isn’t my favorite holiday. I’m just not a fan of spending a ton of money on costumes for just one day and I don’t have a lot of time to invest in making them right now. I asked the kids what they wanted to be and Reed said “Batman”. He hasn’t expressed any interest in Batman before, so I asked what superhero was his favorite, and if maybe he wanted to go as Spiderman again. Bingo! Easy enough. And Lena wanted to be “Spider girl”, a costume she got for Christmas last year. And, I bought a cheap hoodie off of ebay so Gus could be a cow.


Before we went to get Reed and Lena at school, Gus was super grumpy and I told Aaron we might have to change his costume to Mad Cow Disease.


Then, after the school parade was done, Lena came over to Gus and said, “you a cow!”

And he happily giggled and played along after that.
He adores his sister.

Vampire teeth.

More Vampire teeth.

I love this one. I just love the look on Gus’s face.

Today is the last day of my photo challenge! Yes! Congrats to my friend Jennifer, who instagrammed her photos. And thank you to those of you who played along as you could.

I have decided to turn it in to a 365, a photo every day for a year, since I already have more than 1/12th done. However, I won’t be making prompts. Instead I will come up with a general list of about 5 things I want to capture each month and a few goals or things that I want to capture throughout the year. My goals is to shoot as much as I can with my DSLR, but I am going to allow myself to use my phone as needed, like I did this month when I was sick.

This list is a great starting place.

My goals for the year are:

  • Practice composition, particularly in candid shots
  • Focus on getting images right SOOC (straight out of camera)

My November Must-Capture List is:

  • More beautiful fall leaves
  • Thanksgiving
  • Autumn weather

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