Capturing October: Dressed Up

Happy Halloween!

This isn’t my favorite holiday. I’m just not a fan of spending a ton of money on costumes for just one day and I don’t have a lot of time to invest in making them right now. I asked the kids what they wanted to be and Reed said “Batman”. He hasn’t expressed any interest in Batman before, so I asked what superhero was his favorite, and if maybe he wanted to go as Spiderman again. Bingo! Easy enough. And Lena wanted to be “Spider girl”, a costume she got for Christmas last year. And, I bought a cheap hoodie off of ebay so Gus could be a cow.


Before we went to get Reed and Lena at school, Gus was super grumpy and I told Aaron we might have to change his costume to Mad Cow Disease.


Then, after the school parade was done, Lena came over to Gus and said, “you a cow!”

And he happily giggled and played along after that.
He adores his sister.

Vampire teeth.

More Vampire teeth.

I love this one. I just love the look on Gus’s face.

Today is the last day of my photo challenge! Yes! Congrats to my friend Jennifer, who instagrammed her photos. And thank you to those of you who played along as you could.

I have decided to turn it in to a 365, a photo every day for a year, since I already have more than 1/12th done. However, I won’t be making prompts. Instead I will come up with a general list of about 5 things I want to capture each month and a few goals or things that I want to capture throughout the year. My goals is to shoot as much as I can with my DSLR, but I am going to allow myself to use my phone as needed, like I did this month when I was sick.

This list is a great starting place.

My goals for the year are:

  • Practice composition, particularly in candid shots
  • Focus on getting images right SOOC (straight out of camera)

My November Must-Capture List is:

  • More beautiful fall leaves
  • Thanksgiving
  • Autumn weather

Capturing October: Natural Light

I ended up picking the rainiest day of October for this one! Ooops!

I was still determined to get a bit more creative after yesterday’s BORING photo.
IMG_3893 copy

Autumn leaves and rain.
IMG_3954  IMG_3976

IMG_4004  IMG_3960

Isn’t the water wild on that last one?

We had a brief break in the rain after school got out, so we headed to the playground for a bit.


I really wish I had gotten the sleeves of her shirt in this photo. They were matching red and white polka dots. And the sides of the sunglasses are blue.

The park we went to is right next to where Aaron and I had our super laid back rehearsal dinner.


My best buddies.





Capturing October: Knit

I had the idea in mind of scarves and sweaters for this photo. But, it was 65 degrees today! Not so much.

On top of that, I have a cold and had to work almost all day. Sorry, guys. Instead of anything interesting, here’s a picture of my socks.

This could be a sock review, as these are the socks that I got for Aaron and myself when we went to Russia. These socks, along with sock liners and warm boots, can keep your toes relatively warm in the sub-zero temperatures of Eastern Europe.

And, here’s a late night picture of Gus. Who really needs a haircut.

Capturing October: Foliage

I love the changing tree colors. We seem to be mid-change right now. Still lots of green, while some trees are already dazzling shades of red, orange and yellow.

IMG_3709  IMG_3720
IMG_3765  IMG_3754
IMG_3686  IMG_3755

Gus and I headed out for another quick adventure this morning. Out to the overlook South of town to see what we could see!

My enthusiastic buddy!

I didn’t love how these photos turned out. Oh well! It was still a fun adventure.

Capturing October: Treat (and the Louisburg Cider Mill)

Some friends told us about the Louisburg Cider Mill last year and I have been wanting to go ever since.

There’s so much fun there for kids.

Lena took 2 trips down. The first she slide off the side and the second time, she slide in to this little girl! Oops! The kids tended to go off the side of this slide. Gus, on the other hand, figured out how to manipulate his weight by leaning to stay on it! I was pretty impressed.

His first hay ride. Do you think he liked it?
Leading us through a corn maze! I think all corn mazes should be renamed maize mazes.

Wild leaps off a pile of straw.

We had the wonderful company of my aunt and uncle. They live very close and we always have a great time with them.

Lena LOVES her Aunt Jenean.

Giant jumping pillow!


And today’s picture for treat. We planned to get some yummy cider treats, but the place was packed! Instead we got Sonic. Reed got to finish Uncle Bob’s Root Beer Float.

Capturing October: Cozy

We finally kicked Gus out of our bedroom. He is not a good sleeper. He wakes up often. Not totally awake, but just enough that he moves around or talks and wakes us up. I couldn’t do it any more.

He’s now in our guest room. It will be easy enough to set up the pack and play in our room when we have company, and we will get better sleep the rest of the time! On top of that, our guest room is more out of the way in our house, so he’s less likely to wake up from other people moving around in our house. Yay!

We went to Oregon Trail Nature Park today. Aaron and I have been here a couple of times, but we’ve never taken the kids before.

There’s a long hike up, up, up.

And then you get this “lovely” view.
Welcome to Kansas, y’all. We have beautiful sites. Overlooks for our energy plants.

There’s a bench, where you can sit on your brother’s lap.

Then, we went to a little lake to wait for it to get dark enough to capture the stars. Aaron found this area, which is supposed to be one of the best places to see the stars. We planned to camp here for my birthday a few weeks ago but the weather never cooperated.

This sky was beautiful.

Waiting patiently.

It was perfect.

I love the Milky Way. I think it looks like the sky is being ripped apart, but in the most beautiful way.



And then we took our covered wagon home.
IMG_3495 copy

Capturing October: Landscape (and Lena’s Award)

My day was SO busy. My only guaranteed free daylight minutes were about 40 minutes from the time I dropped R&L off at school until we went back to school for an assembly. So, Gus and I drove out in to the country and I took a few quick photos while he yelled “I’m cold!” from the van.


Frost and fog all around. Beautiful, but definitely things I DON’T love about fall.

After we were done, we quickly headed back to the school for an assembly. Lena was getting a success award! Each teacher at the school picks one kid a month to be honored for their success in the classroom.

This was totally a sappy, proud mom moment for me. Yes, 8 of other kids in her class will also receive this award this year, but for Lena, it’s truly spectacular. Life hasn’t exactly been easy to her. We’ve always recognized that she is special, but in a class of 15 kids, SHE is exceptional.

We met her 3 years ago in November. At almost 3 years old, she was still a baby. Tiny in stature. She could only speak the few words we taught her– “Mama”, “Papa”, “Cracker”. Her gait was stiff and awkward and her run was a slow shuffle. After her third birthday, when we introduced her to our extended family, they said “are you sure she didn’t just turn 2, not 3?!” Yes, we’re sure.

Here’s what her teacher wrote about her for today’s award: “I would like to nominate Lena for this month’s success award. Lena has shown amazing academic growth so far this year. She has also begun to participate more in class by raising her hand and offering answers. Lena always does the right thing and makes good decisions even if those around her are not. Lena is a smart, wonderful little girl who is a joy to have in class.”

Congrats, my sweet Lena. You are exceptional!

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