A Bittersweet 6 months

Tuesday marked 6 months home for my littlest man. I love this kid. Love, love, love him. And he loves us. Seriously, he soaks up having a mama and a papa and a big brother and sister. One of his latest words is “kickle”, asking me to tickle him. He loves to cuddle and kiss us.


Photo on 2013-01-18 at 18.18 #3

(He ran in to a cabinet.)

He loves us. He needs us. He reminds me every day… babies need mamas. This is truly a bittersweet realization every time it hits me, in light of the Russian adoption ban. When I think about all of the babies who don’t have anyone to snuggle them or “kickle” them or tuck them in and tell them “Мама любит Андрюша. Спокойной ночи. (Mama loves Andrusha. Goodnight.)”, that breaks my heart. When my baby snuggles on my lap, he is 100% my baby. But, I can’t help but think of where he once was.  When I think about how there are only months separating him from being my baby and being stuck in a Russian orphanage, that breaks my heart.

But, my baby’s here. Celebrating 6 months this week. We’re loving life together.

2013-01-15 14.52.492013-01-15 14.55.17

But, I’m also asking you to join us in prayer for the thousands of Russian orphans who will be left behind if this ban stands. I’m asking you to pray that the hearts of politicians in power soften and the truth is known– that for thousands of children, there is no hope for them in Russia and they deserve the love of a family.

4 thoughts on “A Bittersweet 6 months”

  1. There’s hope for kids in Russia – number of kids in orphanages has decreased significantly since 2006, foster care has been expanded and family preservation efforts ramped up. Domestic adoptions have increased significantly too. These are steps in the right direction! Worthy of praise!

    I am praying Russia lifts this ban – but much of the reason for it is *** our**** government failing to hold up its end of the adoption treaty that came into force last November (denying consular access to Russian born kids, failing to report abuse to Russian officials in a timely manner, 400+ APs who failed to hand in their mandatory post placement reports, illegal photolistings, etc) and perhaps improve how PAPs are screened (19 dead kids = room for improvement).

  2. This ban is not about children, it is about revenge. So no, I do not think their hearts will soften.
    The situation with adoptions and foster IS improving in Russia, but not nearly fast enough. Banning hundreds of international families from adopting BEFORE the situation is resolved is plain stupid.
    I’m glad you have your kid:)
    I will be mailing you a letter from a friend of mine who adopted from the same orphanage in the Ukraine as you. She emailed you a few days ago and is not sure whether you got the letter or understood what she wanted because of her not very good English. Also I’ve noticed that letters from Russian mail services are often sent right to spam folders. So I’ll be sending it from my yahoo mail.

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