The last of the photos

We had a long week. My computer is dead, so this will be the last of my new photos until it is working again. Except for maybe camera phone photos.

These photos were actually taken on Reed’s birthday, but I thought I’d keep his birthday posts all about him.

Lots of my Facebook friends have been asking to see more of Lena’s hair.




This sweet girl told me yesterday that she was “sad at” me and didn’t like me. We’ve moved on, but I was at least proud of her for expressing her feelings in words.


Gus is my man, as always. Have I ever mentioned that he and Aaron fight over me? He will scream if Aaron kisses me and if I’m holding him, he’ll push Aaron away. They’re buddies any other time, but Gus is certain that I’m only HIS.


One of his new behaviors is cupping my face in his hands and saying “mmmm” or gently stroking my face. Very, very sweet. But alas, he’s 23 months old, so he also unexpectedly slaps me or headbutts me. Which to him is totally hilarious.


Now that he’s 6, Reed has decided to take up day trading and here he is, on the phone with his broker. Just kidding, but he is on the phone with his Deepa, my dad, so it’s very possible Deepa is planting the seeds.

And, that’s all for now.

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