Gus Update: (Almost) 3 Months Home

It’s been awhile since I did a Gus update. And who doesn’t love a Gus update? All About Gus. All About Gus: 1 month home. Monday is the 3 month mark. It feels longer. I think some of that is that time moves slowly after the airport and it feels like we had a lot of summer and now, suddenly, we are wearing sweaters and boots.


Age: 20 months,  11 days     Home: 3 months on 10/15/12

Weight: 22lbs

Height: 2ft., 7in.

Sleeps: About 11 hours at night and usually through the night now (yay!). And 1 or 2 naps a day, which can be from 45min to 2 hours. He won’t sleep anywhere like he did when he first came home, but he has fallen asleep in the car and in a friend’s pack and play, in addition to his crib.

Eats: Sometimes a lot, sometimes barely anything. His favorites are bananas and quesadillas.


Loves to: Be outside. Walk the loop from our kitchen, through the bathroom, through our bedroom, through the dining room and back around, opening and closing the doors as he goes. Anything that rocks– the rocking horse or particularly the ride-on airplane lately. Dogs– he loves our dogs and any other dogs we meet.

Two of his loves. A little bit shocked by the nose in his face, but then he started laughing and got bummed when she walked away.

Dislikes: Not getting his way. Not getting his way immediately.

Language: It seems to have slowed down. I think because he is getting his point across and is not interested in learning new things that he doesn’t understand a use for. At least as interested as he was. He still will use all of the words he was using before, spontaneously. His favorite word lately is “no”, but he has not even been using that as much. “Up” is a new one that he uses often.

Skills: Safely up and down the stairs by himself. Has taken off his shirt once and his pants twice. Climbing.

Gus is wonderful. He is a character, there is no doubt. And we love him!

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