Embrace the Camera: 10/11/12 and flashbacks

It’s Thursday, which is normally Embrace the Camera day, over at Emily’s blog. Each Thursday she hosts a little link party, and the point is to take a photo with your child or your spouse or a photo of your spouse and your child. Even if you don’t feel beautiful. That one day, your child will be so grateful for all of the photos with you.

Case in point:

How adorable are we? And my polka dots on polka dots. And my mom’s very high waisted pants. Fashionistas.



This picture always makes me laugh. My dad’s face is awesome.

We all went for a walk together on Sunday. I brought my camera along in hope of snapping some good photos.

I wanted a cute photo of Aaron and Gus. Both Reed and Lena wanted to be in it, too. This is a prime example of trying to take a photo with kids!

And my version of it…

But, here are the ones I actually like…



Gus ripped out my earrings 3 times on this walk!

When we got home, while I was making dinner, I found this scene…



Sitting down to read a book together. The boy who rarely stops moving slowed down enough to read through “Diggers and Dumpers” a few times with his papa.

3 thoughts on “Embrace the Camera: 10/11/12 and flashbacks”

  1. Oh I just think they are the cuuuuuuutest!
    I am never in photos. We just went to NH and actually asked to be in a few- I decided one day I will be gone and they might like to know that I did go on these trips. Of course 9/10 I delete the pics Im in. Thanks for reminding me I should save them…

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