All About Gus


Age: 17 months, 18 days     Home: 4 days

Weight: 20lbs, 2oz.

Height: 2ft., 7in.

Sleeps: About 10 hours at night, and 2 hour nap. Will sleep anywhere– stroller, car, crib, mama and papa’s bed or even outside…


Eats: Just about anything– wants whatever everyone else is having. We haven’t found too much he won’t eat yet. His favorite may be bananas, though.


(A particularly yummy dinner of fried rice from our friend Jill)
Loves to: Play in water (until he’s shivering and his lips are purple!), dance, getting kisses and rasberries and giving big open mouth kisses, have the attention of his big brother and sister, do whatever they are doing, pressing on someone’s nose and making them go “honk” or “quornk, quornk” as Lena does

2012-07-17 20.12.25

2012-07-17 20.16.11

2012-07-17 19.58.52

Dislikes: Diaper changes, getting buckled into his car seat, having his face wiped, going to sleep

What did I leave out? What else do you want to know about Gus?

12 thoughts on “All About Gus”

  1. Thank you for rescuing Gus and his new brother and sister. I just love Reece’s Rainbow and all they are doing to help those beautiful children find loving families. May God richly bless your family! xoxo

  2. I wanna know how you stop yourself from smoochin him all day LOL! He is looking so happy & healthy! Thanks for sharing these pics. Such a pleasure to see him so happy.

  3. He is so beautiful Molly and its so awesome to see how well he fits in. Definitely preordained. I love it!!
    Congratulations on your beautiful family!!

  4. I have to agree with Candice’s comment … definitely preordained! He looks so content and it’s obvious that he’s loving his big brother and sister. What a lucky little boy to have joined your wonderful family!

  5. I was watching Gus on Reece’s Rainbow and wishing that someone would adopt him. I was so excited that your family chose him since I already “knew” you from your blog. Now I’m praying for a few more RR kids…. I’m particularly praying for Mercy.

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