Conversations with Reed

Reed, aka Spiderman, with his mask.

My mom is visiting right now. She got us take out for dinner and Aaron and the big kids had burritos.

R: “Mmm, a chicken burrito. What kind of burrito do you have, papa?”

A: “Steak.”

R: “Oh no, steak! It’s like eating your whole body.”

I promise I had nothing to do with influencing his view of steak.

My mom asked Reed about his day at school. She asked if he had art today, and after he told her about it, I told him a story from when I had art class as a kindergartener. I thought the kids would enjoy hearing a story about when I was little AND about how I made a mistake. Of course they did.

Reed started lecturing me on how I could have handled the situation better. “You should have raised your hand… you should have…” I could have used his help navigating kindergarten.

After that, my mom asked him what he does when he needs to go to the bathroom at school. He explained that they just go at set times. Then, when she asked what if he really needs to go at a different time, he said “We don’t do such things.”

Later he asked me, “what is your mom’s name?” And I said “She (pointing to my mom) is my mom.” Then he said, “no, I mean, like, when you were in preschool, when you were tiny, what was your mom’s name?” And I told him she had always been my mom. “So, she’ll be your mom forever?” Yup.

A cute conversation, but also a reminder that when you’ve spent the first few years of your life shuffling around, the idea of mom isn’t so clear in your head.

Love this kid.

With his sword… he also makes swords himself.

3 thoughts on “Conversations with Reed”

  1. That kind of broke my heart. Sweet Reed. I hope some day he will understand fully in his heart that you are family forever.

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