Oh no, mommy

Gus picks a word or a phrase and practices it. A lot. His latest one is pretty cute… “ooooh noooo.” Sunday, we were giggling when he said “oooh nooo mommmmmyyyy.” Today, he followed me around for most of the day saying “oh no mom. oh no mama. oh no mama. oh no mom. oh no mom.” He uses it in context perfectly… throws something on the floor “Ooooooooh noooo, mom!”, but he also just likes to say it.

Today, we had some yummy after-school snacks. I asked Reed and Lena to each grab a napkin from the dining room for me to put their snack on. I didn’t bother with Gus, because, as anyone who has ever had a toddler knows, there’s no point. Instead, I handed him the peanut butter chocolately goodness and let him go for it. Well, he did not like this idea, and he found a paper towel on the floor and carried his snack around in that. Ewww, but I give him points for imitation.

Of course, that does not even come close to the top of the Eww chart for Gus.


Neither does that. It’s just mud.



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