More Adventures

I took photos of Gus sleeping last night. I just thought he was so cute, with his feet up on the pillows. I may have sat and watched him for a bit, looking so cute and content.


Anyways, this morning, the only thing that I needed to do was to pick up Gus’s passport. Gus stayed back at the apartment with my mom. Alla and I had an interesting conversation on the way. About how Americans are spoiled because so many people in the world speak English, and she told me how the baby house and the judge both said I look Russian. I often have people talk to me in Russian– tonight, I got a rewards card for the local children’s store. I don’t think she had any clue that I had no clue what I was saying, as she went on and on, handing me my new rewards card and the little application to fill out and return.

Anyways, his passport is at the Embassy now. Yay.

After the embassy errand, we napped. Then, we wanted to walk to Gorky Park.


That was a long walk! We only had about a half hour to walk around, as we were meeting up with another adoptive mom and her son. We saw the carousel, space shuttle, a fountain with music, ping pong tables, volleyball courts, among other things. Then, we grabbed a quick bottle of water and made the walk back. It is nearly 3 miles, longer than we realized!



Then, we met up with our new friend. I am not sure how public she is, as she does not blog. But, we had a great time together. Her son was adorable and so well behaved through our souvenir shopping and dinner. We went down to Arbat Street and walked around and eventually stopped for dinner. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe. I objected at the name of it, but when I looked at their menu and realized how well all of the waiters spoke English, I was wooed. We have officially reached the point in the trip when I am wooed by English speakers and American food.


Meet Niko, our waiter.

Anyways, we had a nice dinner. Gus had what was very likely his first, real vegetables, not pureed. I had some grilled zucchini on my veggie burger, which he got to try. And he loved.

After dinner, we headed back, parted ways with our new friends and headed down to the grocery store. I had to stop and check out the toy store, which was really quite interesting. One thing that I really wanted for my kids was blocks with the Cyrillic alphabet. We have 2 Cyrillic alphabet books, including one that talks, so I thought some blocks would be a fun addition. I found some very cheap. Then our grocery shopping. Wow. We needed water and some smaller things, and my sister requested a bottle of vodka. So, we had one baby, one stroller, lots of souvenirs, some small toys, water, vodka, and some other groceries to lug up and across the street. It would have been pretty simple, if we didn’t have to navigate the underground tunnel to cross the street. But, we made it home. Phew.

This sweet boy was a rock star. He sat in that stroller for 7 hours, and didn’t seem to mind at all. He had a pretty cute moment, as he figured out how to get food out of his snack trap cup by himself. But, then the problem is that he thought he is not allowed to feed himself, so he held it up to me to feed him. I guided his hand to his mouth… and he was off. He woofed down every last bite that was in his cup.

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