Changing Direction

As I laid down with Gus for a nap, I thought about how his future has changed in the past few months. As an orphan, at 16, he would have been turned out onto the streets of Moscow. Many orphans commit suicide, because they see no other option for their future. Others turn to crime to get by. Life looks pretty bleak for an orphan, like this sweet boy was a few months ago.

People often make the parallel that adopting a child is like being adopted into God’s family. I never quite saw the entirety of it before.

At our church, “repentance” is often defined as “changing direction”. When we said our “yes” to Gus, his life changed direction.

Yes, we will love you forever. Yes, all of your needs will be met. Yes, you will always have enough. One “yes” can mean so much. An orphan no more, loved and treasured.

God used us to change his life forever, and him to change ours.

Isn’t it interesting that when we say “yes” to Jesus, our lives change direction, too? We are no longer wandering the streets of life, alone, trying to figure life out and struggling to get by. Our eternal needs are met.

Unlike Gus and other orphans, we don’t need someone to say “yes” to us… we must willingly change our own direction, to meet the One who already loves us.

Just my tiny glimpse of the bigger picture.

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