Adventures in Moscow

The view from our window at night, New Arbat St. lit up.

Today we went to explore. We walked down to Red Square, and we ended up in the underground mall right next to it, trying to get there. Underground malls seem to be very popular in Ukraine and Russia. We went into two in Kiev. Anyways, we cut through the mall and came up on the Red Square. There was some kind of event going on, not sure what, but there was a big banner saying Russian and German. Russian and German, what? That is left to be determined.

The first place we slowed down was GUM. GUM is another mall on Red Square. I knew it was pretty interesting inside, so we went in to check it out, and enjoy the air-conditioning. By this point, Gus fell asleep.

I really wanted to get a photo of Gus and me in front of St. Basil’s, which is right outside of GUM, but Gus was asleep. Don’t wake the sleeping baby, right? So, we decided to grab a drink inside GUM. At which point, he woke up. So, we grabbed some food and sat down.

Can you find us? We’re sitting on orange chairs.


Outside of GUM.


St. Basil’s. Now, talented photoshop friends, who can remove those two ladies from the left side of this photo?



Smiling in Alexander Gardens. Ha, I’m smiling. He’s ready to sleep again.


The roof of the underground mall. Love it.


Cathedral of Christ the Savior.



Peter the Great.

Walking back, down New Arbat, dancing.


We got back, and I unbuckled him, and he was slightly annoyed at me for doing that, so I let him sit there and this is what I got.

He took his first real bath tonight. Well, I’m sure he’s been bathed before, but I think it must have been the first one where he was encouraged to play. At first, he was a bit scared, but within a minute or so, he was splashing and laughing like crazy. It was so cute!

And, we got to bed in record time tonight. He had been rocking every night and nap time. Tonight, he did his typical protest, which ended when I handed him his drink. And he had a drink, passed it back to me, started sucking his thumb and grabbed my hand with his other hand and fell asleep.

For the most part, he seems comfortable. He is obviously happy and enjoying our company. But, he also is comfortable protesting and getting upset with us. 4 days and we will be HOME. I cannot wait to see how he does with the rest of our family.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Moscow”

  1. He is pure sweetness. I have a photography friend who will easily photoshop that for you if you don’t have anyone else to do it. She can do it in like seconds!
    Love the pics! Moscow is so beautiful!

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