Tonight, we walked to Arbat St. I have no photos of the actual events on Arbat… I was busy baby wrangling, but maybe I’ll post some of my mom’s photos later. But, we stopped for dinner.

Gus is great when it comes to sitting down. He just needs some food to nibble on and a bottle full of juice/water and he’s good to go.

Cuddling and other PDA are welcome when you are on a dinner date with Gus.


Yes, we’re in love.

Maybe we’re just in the honeymoon phase, or maybe this kid is just amazing, but things really have been that simple so far.

6 thoughts on “Love”

  1. I’m so so happy for you that you have your boy and that things have been simple so far! After all you’ve been through to get him, you’re really worth a lot of love and a long honeymoon phase! Congratulations!!

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