Day 2

Actually, I’ll finish with Day 1 first… we all napped and when we got up, we tried to decide what to do for dinner. We decided to be very adventurous and go to… Chili’s. It was right across the street, we knew the prices and that it was kid-friendly.


Gus was great. He ate some more fruit snacks while we waited… he tried everything he was offered once the food arrived. He doesn’t seem to be too fond of food which is hot or cold.

Like naptime, bed time was not so fun.

My mom wanted to take a photo of him in his pajamas, and this is what she got.

But, he took his bottle pretty quickly, and I put on some Russian lullabies and the iTunes visualizer. He drank every last drop that was in his bottle, then he just watched the computer and let me cuddle with him as he fell asleep.

He is pretty funny when he wakes up. He just wants to play on the bed for awhile, not too ready to get up. He loves to be cuddled and kissed and tickled.  But, we had to get up sometime. He had his medical for the embassy today.

Again, we were awesome in the car. But the medical… yuck. It was very short and easy, but we both weren’t fans of the doctor. Gus called it first, he started screaming as soon as the doctor touched him. My annoyance began when the doctor started telling me how he is a drama queen, a little actor, and how I shouldn’t pick him up when he cries or I’ll be carrying him until he’s 25. Thanks, he has barely cried until you came near him!

That appointment set us up for being done with the morning. We got back and we were ready to nap. Well, not ready, but needed to nap. But, that was not fun. It took awhile, but eventually, he laid down. It turns out he is a thumb-sucker as he falls asleep.

We napped for about 3.5 hours! And we felt so much better.

We played on the bed for awhile again. He wanted to play with this book, but insisted on sitting on it to play with it.


Now, we are just relaxing. Apparently, it may storm, so we are waiting that out.

4 thoughts on “Day 2”

  1. Too funny. I was just reading the blog of another adoptive family who just returned home about 2 days ago and when they were in Moscow doing the medical for their kids last week, the doctor told them and the 3 other families who were having their newly adopted children examined the exact same thing! Must be the same guy giving out the same crummy advice to everyone. 😉
    Gus is an absolute gem!!

  2. Elena immediately started crying at that same doctor too!! And he called her a drama queen!!! And said Jeff better have his shot gun ready when she turned 16…ugh. Elena’s a big thumb sucker too. Gus is just too cute. I’m so happy to read these updates and see you and your boy!!

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