Our first hours together… forever

I woke up and looked at my phone… 9:30pm. I looked out the window and saw this…


The sun is setting… huh, I thought I had slept more than that.  Until I opened up my computer and realized it was actually 5:30am, and I had never changed the time on my phone.

3 hours until my facilitator picked us up! Yeahh!

We had some stops to make on the way– to pick up diapers, and food for him, but soon enough, we were there!


Walking into the orphanage.

With my boy! Facilitator and orphanage director in the background.

Breaking free!

In the car.

He is awesome. He started to cry when I first took him from his caregiver, but he calmed down when everyone talked to him in Russian. In the car, he just relaxed and looked out the window. I kissed him, and he leaned in for more. Every so often, he’d snuggle his head into my shoulder, for just a few seconds, then sit back up to look out the window. I really expected him to be terrified by this whole experience, and instead, he seemed ready, like he knew we were coming for him. Thank you to those of you who have been praying that he would be ready for this day.

I left him with my mom while I went in to apply for his passport, and he got upset when I left him. Igor, our wonderful driver, talked to him and he calmed down right away. When I got back out, a few minutes later, they were sitting in the backseat and he was playing.

We got back to the apartment and he was just fascinated. At first, he was following me, watching me, but he relaxed about that, and just explored. He is easily entertained… potted plants are fun, mirrors are a good time, too. Any unique textures which he can run his fingers over are pretty cool.


Stacking cups with Lola.

I brought some Teensy Fruits for him… they’re like fruit snacks for toddlers. He loved them, and we practiced signing “more”… want to see?

Now, he’s sleeping next to me. We had some big tears over laying down for a nap. It is not surprising… sleeping makes you vulnerable. Lena was the same way. I put on my CD of Russian lullabies, no help. I tried holding him, nope, laid him down on the pillow, definite nope. I went to go grab his milk, thinking maybe that would help. When I came back, he was sitting up, screaming even more, but when I sat down with him, he pushed the milk away, but he put his head up against my leg and fell asleep pretty quickly.

It’s amazing… he has been so cautious with Aaron and me at our visits, that I expected today would be a disaster with lots of tears, fear and anger. But, he just keeps reminding me how badly babies need a mama and need a family, need a life beyond an orphanage. He is just soaking it all in. I love this kid.

11 thoughts on “Our first hours together… forever”

  1. He is so precious and so lucky to have you as his forever family! And it’s wonderful that things are going smoothly and that he’s already becoming comfortable and attached to you. I’m very happy for all of you!

  2. Well, how awesome is that! Love it, and what a blessings to have Mom with you. Hey, on a later email I will share some good news with you. Something along the lines of, “we are not quitters.” Blessings, Kelly

  3. SO thankful for this post today…thankful he is out of that warehouse, thankful that he is bonding to you, thankful that you and Aaron acted on faith to adopt so soon after Reed and Lena. ❤

  4. Yay!! I’m so happy for you. I hear he’s wearing the sqeaky shoes. We had those for our daughter and loved them. We did end up removing the sqeaker, lol. Can’t wait for you guys to head home so your whole family will be together. Congrads to 🙂

  5. Happy gotcha day! Beautiful, so thankful he is doing so well. Praying the trip home is easy and the transition into the family is as well. Can’t wait to meet him someday soon.

  6. Congratulations on finally having your beautiful boy in your arms…forever. Can’t wait to see him with his brother and sister at home!

  7. It was so fun to read this post–it brought back floods of memories–just from a few weeks ago!!! I’m so happy for you and so glad to see another baby set free from that orphanage. It was crazy to see Alla looking so summery!!

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