Gus’s city

We are here in Gus’s city. Today is a free day, so we just walked around a bit. I showed my mom Arbat St. and New Arbat St. That’s about it. We are exhausted. I set a goal of staying up until 7pm, to combat jetlag, and I’m not sure we’ll make it there.

Our facilitator and driver pick us up at 8:30 am tomorrow. Alla is taking us to the grocery store, to help us buy food for Gus, then we will go pick him up!!! I am guessing we’ll pick him up around 10am, which is 1am Central time.


The view from our apartment (on the 22nd floor).

View of New Arbat from ou Apartment.

4 thoughts on “Gus’s city”

  1. wow! so excited for you and your mom. you have everything you need to be Gus’ mom. you are going to do a great job my friend, and i can’t wait to meet your new little boy!

  2. Hola! Glad to hear you are there safely. I said my daily prayers for you today and wishing you all the best. Alina Grace is very excited about baby Gus. Blessings, Kelly

  3. So excited for you. Wish you got to pick him up today. Today is Dariya’s gotcha day anniversary! Happy gotcha day tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the post! Praying for your completion of this journey.

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