Life in Color

I went to upload the photos from my camera to my computer today… I didn’t realize how long it had been. But, I found some fun photos in the process…

When we were in Pennsylvania, the kids and I went to a playground with my best friend from high school. My BFF foreva, if you ask my 14 year old self.

And we brought chinese food… you don’t bring chinese food to the playground? Ashleigh and I have always brought food to this particular playground to sit and talk, and it seemed only appropriate that we brought the kids and our lunch there.

This was Miss Lena’s “fortune”. I love it.

And Reed’s. Made me giggle that out of the 4 of us, HE got that one.


Then, we played.

This is the miniature version of this rock his papa is sitting on in this photo, taken 5 years ago. Same park…

2012-06-30 19.06.02

A few days ago, chilling in the baby pool while I sew. A baby pool is like an outdoor bath, right?
2012-06-30 18.26.46

Gus’ quilt on my lap, as I sew the binding, outside in the 100+ degree heat, while R&L chill in the pool.

2012-07-02 20.20.23

The finished quilt on his crib. Love looking at that!

I also made Gus a quiet book for on the plane… a special book that I will keep tucked away until the flight.
2012-07-02 20.20.48

2012-07-02 20.21.05
I think the page on the right is my favorite. Honestly, my sewing for this book was horrible(don’t ask me to make you one!), but I hope it will still be entertaining.

And, tonight, we had an awesome 4th of July with friends… we had such a great time, Reed and Lena especially. Jumping on a trampoline, sliding down the water slide into the baby pool, the slip and slide, dressing up like princesses, a new found love of sparklers, lighting off fireworks… so many memories were made. It was exactly what I want all of us to remember before we step into this transitional time of chaos. Grateful for the friends who made it happen.



2 thoughts on “Life in Color”

  1. Great pics Molly!! Love your photog style…can’t wait to see all 3 of them running around after each other. 🙂

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