Ready to go home

Our big event today was going to the embassy… our driver and facilitator took us. Then, they dropped us at the door, and we headed inside. There, we met the head of the Russian program for our agency, Marina, and the family we hung out with yesterday. It was fun to wait and chat with them… Marina knows our family’s story and she is such a sweet woman. She gave Gus a gift, a huge spinning top, made in Russia. It has been a huge hit!


We got his visa in record time, 45 minutes! None of the nonsense we dealt with at the Ukrainian embassy. In fact, I was not asked any questions at all, just told to sign. It’s always a big relief to be told that your documents are “well-prepared”, but I suppose if there is one skill that I might have developed through his adoption process, it would be paperwork preparation! Now, I’m developing the skill of changing diapers in odd places. I am not sure I recommend learning how to change diapers on a squirmy 17mo old boy, who does not understand your language, in a foreign country, where you often end up changing his diaper on places like window ledges and toilet seats.

So, anyways, after the embassy, I said my goodbyes to our facilitator. She has been so wonderful to work with. She gave me chocolate bars for each of my kids. They’ll love that. I can’t wait to send her photos of Gus at home with our family. She asked me to send them as often as I can, as the baby house loves that so much.

Today was kind of a yucky day, so we hung around. Eventually, we did our afternoon nap. Gus slept snuggled up next to me, with his head on my arm. So sweet.

After our nap, we wanted to walk down to the Ukraina Hotel, like we had planned. We got almost done there, and it started to drizzle. It was definitely raining by the time we made it through the doors!


I have seen this hotel so many times, but never walked in. Now, I would recommend it to anyone visiting Moscow! Because, it has the Moscow diorama. This diorama shows the Kremlin, Red Square, and some other landmarks. You can put on headphones and listen to a brief history of Moscow, in English, all for free.

After the rain let up, we found a restaurant to grab dinner at.

We were both pretty worn out by this point. So, we raced home after dinner. Gus took a long bath, happily playing the whole time. I think he would have stayed in longer, but I pulled him out because it was getting so late. Now, he’s fast asleep and I’m watching the lights on Arbat Street for one last time.

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