This is a normal post, for those of you who are tired of my Debby Downer posts. 🙂

Two weeks ago, we went to Wonderscope with my aunt. It’s a kids museum outside of Kansas City. We all had a lot of fun. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to do something super fun with your kids in the KC area.

There are rooms with different activities. The first one we went into was the golfball room. Golfballs and all kinds of tracks and other things to roll them down.


Next up was the farm and market room…


Really wound up in the farm room.

This is the only other room that I have photos in. The doctor and vet room. My kids LOVED this room so much. My aunt and I were able to sit down and talk, while they played, apart from a few interruptions where we had to get our shots or our blood pressure taken or hold a sick baby.


What do you mean I’m not really a doctor?


We have to pull up this cat’s medical records before we proceed.


And one of the staff members came in to clean up, and she was wearing this (real) snake. Oh, gross. But, my kids wanted to touch it. Notice Reed looking at her like “are you really sure it’s safe?” And then a few days later, he picked up a snake in the woods that he did not realize was fake. I can absolutely imagine him picking up a real snake in the woods!

There were a bunch of other rooms. I just didn’t take photos! But, anyways, if you are local, you should take your kids. We were there for 3 hours, and we only left because they were closing. I think we would have stayed longer if we could have. Reed and Lena both told me several times over the next few days what a great time they had.

4 thoughts on “Wonderscope”

  1. We love Wonderscope. We had a membership when Aidan was little but haven’t braved it with the girls yet!

  2. Love that doctor room! My girls LOVE testing our blood and checking our heart beats. They have a real stethoscope and an unlimited supply of Band-Aids 🙂

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