Project 365- Day 4

We spent two hours outside walking today. I remember to bring my real camera and put it in my pocket. But, I forgot to take it out. OOPS.

I took this because they both picked out their clothes this morning, perhaps the first time I let them do whatever they wanted with no guidance. I love all the stripes. Lena wore the gloves all day today. He has an apple and she has a clementine. Very typical breakfast around here. Reed usually wants a banana, apple and a clementine.

P.S. Cast your vote, should L grow out her bangs or not?

5 thoughts on “Project 365- Day 4”

  1. Love to keep up with your family-glad you are doing the 366 challenge. LOVE the no bangs…beautiful family!

  2. I vote no bangs – at least try it for a while. They look so much alike in this photo! Give them both BIG hugs for me!

  3. I love bangs AND no bangs. We grew Alina’s out because her hair was so thick it was ridiculous to keep the bangs cut.
    Lena is adorable either way, but it might be fun to go no bangs for a while and see how you like it.

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