Project 365- Day 5

Today was another beautiful day in Kansas. It was in the 60s! We met our friend Danae at the dog park. We had a nice long walk, then Reed wanted to play “boy under the bridge”. There is a little bridge he likes to go walk under and play in the mud, so we “princesses” sit on top. We princesses were enjoying our regular old business when a man walked by and handed us a puppy.


Okay, that’s really not true. He more like strolled up and chatted with us about the puppy, THEN said “here, you should hold it!” This is point when I thought he was going to walk away quickly, but fortunately, he just wanted us to cuddle it and have a photo op, before he took it away. Phew, that was a close call. Danae pointed out that this would be a great Day 5 photo, and snapped it for us. Thank you!

Lena said that the puppy was “brown and gray.”  I asked her if she meant “great” and she said, “yeah, great!”

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