Project 365- Day 3

I’m going to share a few photos from today, since there are some things I want to remember…

My mom gave Lena some adorable rainbow striped gloves when we were visiting. I got Lena some really cute rainbow striped socks at Target last week ($1 and they have no skid things on the bottom, go check them out!). This morning, I laid out all L’s clothes for her, helped her with her shirt and asked if she wanted me to help with the rest. Nope. I thought I had laid out a shirt, pants, and a pair of socks. Instead, she comes out like this…
2012-01-03 12.10.13
(Those ARE the gloves, in case you can’t tell) .

Oops, so I gave her some socks, but she wanted to keep the gloves on anyways and wore them until about 3pm.

2012-01-03 12.11.27
(Please ignore the real life that is my dining room in the background. I really need to frame these shots better.)

Again, ignore the “real life” that is my dining room. I am in the process of purging and the dining room is the area I’ve dumped everything in.

2012-01-03 12.20.24
He drew this for me. Love that kid!

The other big thing of the day is that I finally cut my hair… YAY! I loved having long hair, being able to pull it back, etc. But, it was heavy and I just wasn’t doing anything with it everyday. So, off to the stylist I went.


2012-01-03 20.42.58

11 thoughts on “Project 365- Day 3”

    1. Thanks! Sarah was great… by far the best stylist I’ve seen since moving to Lawrence! I kind of want to get my hair cut right away, just so I can go back.

  1. You look adorable! And great job staying out of the hoodie and jeans. Keep it up. That would be a good goal for me too! My kids love their gloves too! They’d love to wear them all the time.

  2. I’ve been following your blog since you adopted Lena and Reed, but don’t think I’ve ever commented. The kids are adorable and getting so big. I also have to say, I love your new haircut, it’s so cute on you!

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