Songs to Play for your Little Ukrainian

Ilya has an incredible musical memory. Seriously. He can hear a song one time and he will sing his own 4 year old version of it weeks later. Erin, an adoptive mom of an adorable 4 year old, posted some songs on Facebook, and I thought I’d try playing them for the kids.

This was the first one I played. The kids usually spin around anytime I play something on the computer and try to watch the video… even if it’s not a video. When this song started playing, they both just froze and stared at the wall. Then Ilya turned and looked at me, I asked him if he knew it. He responded “pa-pu-guy”. Then they both started laughing and dancing. Music was obviously a favorite time at the baby house!

The birthday song… always a favorite here, even when we don’t have a birthday!

When I asked Ilya if he knew this one, he just told me “Bayu”. I’ll take that as a yes!

4 thoughts on “Songs to Play for your Little Ukrainian”

  1. Just a little comment, I don't know if you realized: the last song is almost totally in german, only the refrain (Bayushki bayu) is in russian or ukrainen.Another question: does Ilya still remember the word of the other songs?Tanea

  2. Awesome, good to know. Thanks. I will send you a message about the post placement info I rec'd and see if it matches your info. =)

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