One More Drs. Appointment

First of all, Lena’s hearing appears to be totally fine. They want her retested in 6 weeks to make sure, as she had a bit of a cold last week, but no one is concerned now.

We had another doctor’s appointment today, for Ilya at the pediatrician. This doctor was recommended to me by a fellow adoptive parent, as well as another friend. I think generally we are a pretty mainstream family, but we do sometimes lean to the side of crunchy. One thing, my kids drink Kefir, instead of milk. The doctor mention last week he thought milk was better, in terms of protein and fat. Today, he said he was totally wrong about what it was– thinking it was like a cream soda, but he thinks I should transition my kids to milk. So they don’t stand out when they go to school. Seriously. Now, my kids will drink milk, but they prefer Kefir. Kefir is very similar in protein and fats to milk, but also offers probiotics. But, you know, other kids might think my kids are weird if they like kefir. I mean, what if the other kids find out that my kids don’t know what cheetos are? Or that they eat spinach and broccoli and LOVE all kinds of fruit? Uh-oh. Scarred for life. I also think this is funny because we live in a relatively progressive town, with lots of other families who consume the same sorts of foods. If anyone local wants to recommend a pediatrician or a family practice, please do. 
Lola and Deepa, my parents, left on Sunday. The kids and I are still recovering from them leaving. Lena took it the hardest for sure (mega tears as they drove away), but Ilya and I are also quite bummed and having a hard time returning to the swing of things. This has also brought up the subject of how Aaron and I aren’t ever going to leave them and Lola and Deepa may have gone home but they still miss them and love them. Knowing we can always get them on the phone helps too. 

6 thoughts on “One More Drs. Appointment”

  1. Glad her hearing test came back fine. Seriously the dr said you should switch so they don't stick out in school? Weird! Love that the kids are so connected to your family already! Sad for them, but what a great transition they have made and attachment! YEAH!

  2. Nothing wrong with being a bit granola! But yes, just wait until they go to school and you realize how much sugar the school and other parents are constantly trying to shove down their throats! I'm seriously the grumpiest mom about treats at school because they don't do anything in moderation. Everything is over the top. Anyway, I won't get on that roll because I'll just keep on going! LOL!I always feel sad for my kids too when grandma and grandpa have to leave. They have such a hard time saying goodbye. Isn't it nice to know that your parents are such great grandparents and that your kids love them so much? Glad you all had a good visit!

  3. Well… if I can insert my "2 cents" … I myself went off milk completely and do kefir. I definitely think it is better if compared to the processed/enriched whatever it is they call milk here. And to talk about sticking out in school. I assume you might be proud if your kids "stuck out" in more ways then just drinking kefir. I agree about the sugar, who wants to go with the flow regarding consumption of sugar? At the same time, it seems like there are many children and people in general now a days who have special diets, no gluten, no dairy etc etc. It seems like a ridiculous reason to drink milk over kefir. And as you can tell… I have my own "crunchiness". Thanks for continuing to share your journey. You are an inspiration… keep doing what you are doing.

  4. Bwahahaha how could you be so mean! I mean really,not considering your children's well being in school over something so important as milk consumption! The nerve! Lol. We are a milk free family, kids use almond milk on cereal and I use reg organic 2% for cooking/baking. My oldest has dairy protein intolerance and it causes severe eczema. He also has psoriasis. So dairy free is essential to his skin health. They all take probiotics too. Pediatricians can be so very clueless sometimes. .

  5. LOL sometimes we just need to nod and move on with the suggestions, even at the Ped's. My UA kiddos have always been my best eaters, I would never change a thing!Awe isn't it great the relationship Grandparents have with their grandchildren? Sad to see them upset when they leave, hopefully the next visit will not be too far away. We go thru the same thing at our house.

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