Photo and Video Overload?

I was just going to share a couple of videos related to yesterday’s post, but then I found all these forgotten gems on my camera.

Have I showed you this before? My friend Amy‘s parents gave Ilya this tractor when we were over at their house one day and he couldn’t stop playing with it. Well, now, sometimes, he tells us he wants to “read books” instead of going to the playground with Aaron and Lena. “Read books” is code words for play with the tractor.

Here Lena is rocking out the awkward MK&A Olsen look with a strawberry.

Ilya is kind of weird and just a tad gross about eating strawberries. He tries to eat them like an apple.

This is for my weimaraner friends… Josie squishing poor Nina.

I spend quite a bit of time with Ilya practicing different words and sounds. Words that he almost has down, but just can’t quite make out. Lena definitely struggles with speech and I often joke that I am waiting for the day when she breaks out yelling at someone in perfect English.  Well, last week, she had one of those moments when her papa didn’t eat his pizza crusts. She yelled at him “Eat the pizza!” And we were all shocked how easy it was to understand her. This is a little bit afterwards, since I wasn’t able to catch the first time on video.

He really loves this song and just kept telling me “pa-pu-guy” last night so I’d play it for him.

Ilya knows this song well. I think it’s so cute how well he can sing along.

What makes that last video even cuter? Comparing it to this one from Ilya’s birthday…

To answer the questions from my last post, I didn’t realize that song was mostly in German. I thought that, but just shrugged it off thinking that Russian sounds a lot like german, of course know that I watch it again… As for him knowing other songs, these are the only ones I’ve found that he knows. I’ve tried playing other songs on youtube, like the suggestions that come up, but haven’t found other ones he knows. Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Photo and Video Overload?”

  1. It makes me so happy to see him playing with his tractor! Little boys love their tractors for some reason. I'm pretty sure they're just born loving them.Lena looks so good! I think her hair gets longer and thicker every time you post a picture of her.

  2. Sorry for interrupting your space. There is not a word in that song in German. It's all in Russian, trust me.;)

  3. Hey there Molly, just found your blog and you have a beautiful family. My family is Russian and I have some suggestions (sorry if you know of some of these already but I can't resist): Cheburashka is classic. I see you have one song posted, but it might be fun to watch whole episodes (a lot of them have English subtitles, too). For example: These are also pretty easy to download if you're okay with being an internets pirate. And this is a MUST! Hedgehog in the Fog: Cat in the Hat, cute music & animation: you like those. Be well, Dasha Brooklyn, NY

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