About Lola

My mom. She’s pretty awesome, as some of you know.

My mom had no idea we were thinking about adopting. Until I told her we were. I think I may have even said something like “We’re thinking about adopting. ” “Oh wow.” “Actually, we’re going to.” “Oh wow.” “Preschool age.” “Oh wow.” “Two kids.” “Oh wow.” “Special needs.” “Oh wow.” Just kidding, my mom doesn’t say “oh wow” that much, but that’s kind of how the conversation went. My mom has been so supportive the whole time. I think she loved them as soon as I told her about them. That’s the kind of person she is.

And the thing is, my kids love her too. It was over three months since she saw them in January when she came a couple of weeks ago. I had told the kids that she was coming, but I wasn’t sure how they’d react. Ilya and I were ahead of Lena and Aaron walking in to the airport, so we greeted her. Then, Aaron and Lena walked in. My mom got down on her knees and Lena just took off running towards her and leapt into her arms. That girl loves her Lola.

My mom is also smart. “How do I install car seats?” “How do I turn on the child locks on car doors?”  “My garbage disposal won’t work ever since I put a rag in it.” “I just got home and my front door is open!!! What should I do?” Who needs Google or even 911 when you have my mom. She might try to deny it, but she is great at having the answers or knowing the search words to Google them. She is good at all of the traditional domestic tasks– cooking, cleaning, sewing, but she’s also been known to drive a limousine from time to time.

My mom is just a great person. I am pretty sure we would have forced her to stay last week if we could have.

Happy Mother’s Day, Lola!


5 thoughts on “About Lola”

  1. Oh wow! Thank you! You and both your sisters make mothering a joy. I am so blessed to have each of you and all your wonderful "attachments" (Aaron, Ilya, Lena, Kenny, Bram, Owen,Violet, Milo and Leif). I love you a ton.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Molly's Mom! Your bud, KellyMolly- what a wonderful day for you, your first Mother's Day! How awesome is that!? God bless you.

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