About Lena

I think I blogged a bit more detailed about Ilya, because he is more of a roller coaster ride of both highs and lows. Troubles and dramatic progress. Lena on the other hand, changes a bit slower and it is harder for me to notice.

But, there were a few things yesterday that showed me just how much she is changing, growing and settling in with us. First, I got an email from a friend. I was about something which I had been planning to ask for help with, and boom, before I even asked, this friend was offering exactly what I was hoping for. I hope to share more of that with you when things progress. Anyways, along with this wonderful thing she was sharing, she also sent me this photo…

Honestly, the more I look at that photo and think about it, the more I want to cry.

It just reminds me of all of those photos we saw of her, before we knew her. Like this…

Or this…

Even in one where she is smiling, in our blog header, my aunt commented that she just didn’t seem as happy as Ilya did… that she looked a bit sad underneath that smile.

Who is Lena now?

She is joyful.

Full of life.

And personality.

Another thing which reminded me of how smart and silly she is was when we were skype-ing with my mom and nephews today. My computer was about to run out of juice, so I asked her to sing to them until I came back. And she did, just smiling and singing about wanting an apple. Then, I asked her to sing about Puppytown and then the ABCs. Yes, she sang them all. Putting on a good show for her Babushka Lola’s birthday. Did she get beyond a couple lines of each song? “Mooo”, as she’d tell you, but she understood what I asked her and she sang.

My sister emailed me a few months ago, when we were having trouble with Lena screaming and throwing tantrums. My sister knew how totally miserable it was for everyone and her insight was simply that Lena was alive and fighting. That she was one tough little girl and that would serve her well in life.

Looking back, I can see how true that is. But, now, she is alive, strong and joyful. She is happy and silly. She laughs and will make others laugh to no end. Given the choice to walk or be carried, she usually says “ca weh”. Watch out if you tickle her or play with her hair, she will quickly return the favor. She is just a goofball. Smart, funny, happy and ALIVE.

11 thoughts on “About Lena”

  1. 🙂 Thanks for sharing about your daughter. When I first was introduced to RR…your daughter "Erika" and "Daria" were the two from 33 that I wanted to go for….but the Lord held me back. My hubby was about to deploy and Andrea said no. When he came home, "Erika" and "Daria" were still waiting but still the Lord said no. And now "Erika" is yours and Daria belongs to the Heims and God knew precisely what He was doing. It blesses me so to see children that were special to me HOME.Blessings,Holly

  2. Oh my goodness I can't wait to have Dariya home. Just looking at how far your kids have come in just their presence is amazing. She is beaming with joy!

  3. She is so adorable and she has changed so much. She hardly looks like the pictures from the orphanage anymore. And your sister is right – Lena is clearly one tough little girl and very much alive. She´ll be able to take on the world one day 🙂

  4. This totally made me cry. She looks so sad in those pictures from the orphanage. And she does look so genuinely happy now. I bet it's nice to be a at a place where you can look back and see some measurable progress. I agree that strong willed children can be so difficult to deal with at the time. But you know they are going to get what they want out of their life. It's hard to remember that from day to day when you are in the thick of it. But one day you're going to look at a beautiful, strong woman and know that it was all worth it.

  5. She is this way because of the love you and your family have shown her… it is like sunshine to plants… with you, she is BLOSSOMING!

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