The Post That I Actually Write

I have gotten quite terrible at updating. Honestly, good weather, and I’m busy. I am busy with my Etsy store and my new obsession with the Wii Fit… oh and the two little kids.

I had been thinking that I needed to have an Ilya date sometime. He and I hardly ever spent time alone together and we could just use the bonding time. I was meaning to run this past Aaron. Well, then today, Ilya told Aaron that he did not want to go to the playground, he wanted to stay home and look at books. This is the time when I usually make dinner, but I made some time to read a couple of books with him. I think it’s good for us to have alone time. Especially doing a low-key activity like that. He is still really excelling with learning new things. Today I started to teach him how to write his name.

This is Lena learning how to bat her eyelashes.

Aaron was out of town the other night and I had bathtime and bedtime all to myself. The kids take really long bathes, so we just sit in there on the computer or reading. I was just surfing the web and found this song… it is a new favorite…

And they could not stop singing it…

It’s pretty amazing how much they have grown and how healthy they look since they’ve been home. I notice Lena’s hair today. This is from the orphanage…

This is from a few days ago…

See how long it’s geting and how much healthier it looks?

I’ll try to get better at blogging for you all, but honestly, it’s a bit hard when the sun is shining or my Mii is calling to do another 30 minutes of yoga…

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