Happy Birthday, Babushka Lola!

Today is Babushka Lola’s (my mom) birthday. Happy Birthday, Babushka, Lola! We love you lots and lots. We made her a special card and it took us about two hundred photos to get what I wanted. Here are some of the outtakes:

It was cheesy smile central.

Well, I think I prefer the smile to the grumpy look!

“Smile like this!”

Apparently his most natural smiles come about when he chokes his sister!

This was one of the last photos on our first attempt. “Ppppppphhh, I am so done with Mr. Cheesy Smiles over here.”

She is a little princess. If you are wondering what happened to her head, that’s what happens when clumsy 3yos run on pavement.

After looking through the photos from our first attempt, we tried again. Lena had a very cute pose in one of the photos, which inspired this idea…

I’m over here, Lena!

This is so cute, but not what I was going for.

And this was her birthday card. How cute are these two?!?

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Babushka Lola!”

  1. pretty darn cute! I remember the stress of trying to get my 2 littles to smile, look at the camera, not cry etc when they were young like that. (when I only HAD 2) oh the STRESS!! Now I have four and I have just given up on getting a perfect picture :)Great Job…it paid off!

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